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The CBBio People

This is the people that have participated in the computational Biology and Bioinformatics lab all times

We are a team of Biologists, Bioinformaticians, and engineers using computational methods, trying to understand 1) how proteins evolve and acquire novel functions, 2) how mutations impact a given protein function, and 3) how is the relationship between molecular evolution and phenotypic evolution.

CBBio history:

CBBio was founded on 2009 in Barcelona, and moved to Seville in 2013, first at IBIS, and then to CABD

Our research has been depicted in more than 50 peer-reviewed articles, book chapters, invited reviews, and over 50 oral presentations in national and international venues.

Our Past and present Collaborators:

  • Dr. Eva Estébanez-Perpiña (IBUB, Barcelona)
  • Prof. Harald Wodrich (MPF,INSERM, Bordeaux)
  • Prof. Paul Taylor (Leeds U, UK)
  • Dr. Travis H Stracker (now NIH, US)
  • Pr. Jesús Blázquez-Gómez (CNB-CSIC, Madrid)
  • Dr. Sergio Alonso (IGTP, Barcelona)
  • Dr. Fernando Casares (CABD, Sevilla)
  • Dr. Damien Devos (CABD, Sevilla)
  • Dr. Amancio Carnero (IBIS, Sevilla)

Our Past and present Members:

  • Ana M. Rojas, Principal Investigator.
  • Israel Barrios (since Sept 2019). Engineer and programmer. Currently in the group.
  • Patricia Medina (since Sept 2016). PhD student. Currently in the group.
  • Gemma Martinez (Nov 2022), visiting PhD student. From Rosa Fernandez's lab, Life.Hub JAE jump start.
  • Nazaret Navarro (2022). TFM's student, former JAEintro fellow.
  • Antonio Parra (2019). Master's student.
  • M Victoria Mencucci (2019). Postdoctoral visitor. Back to the Universidad de la Plata, AR.
  • Juan A Cordero (2016-2018) at IBIs. Technician. Now Bioinformatician at the IBIS.
  • Eduardo Andres (2014-2016) at IBIs. PhD student. Now Technical Head of the Bioinformatics Unit at Instituto de Parasitolog√≠a y Biomedicina "L√≥pez-Neyra" (IPBLN), Granada.
  • Rocio Nunez (2014-2016) at IBIs. Master's student. Now at CNIO, Madrid.
  • Ildefonso Cases (2009-2014), Co-PI at IMPPC. Now Head of the Bioiformatics Unit at CABD, Seville.
  • Aida Arcas (2010-2013). PhD student. Now Senior Bioinformatician at Clarivate.
  • Eduard Porta (2010-2013). PhD student. Now Junior Group Leader at IJC, Barcelona.
  • Ida Paramonov (2011-2013). Programmer and data analyst. Now Data analyst at CNAG, Barcelona.